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Whether you want to learn freight management, inventory management, procurement, and purchasing, get started with the Six Sigma certifications, or learn basic business process management. Our training courses are designed by experts to help you learn and improve yourself and your organization easily. Hundreds of Courses and Training.

Usually, to attend these pieces of training by industry experts would be out of reach due to it being extremely costly. Our mission is to enable you and your organization by utilizing the power of technology, through world-class training courses, at a fraction of the cost.

Become certified, strengthen your profile and enhance your professional life by consistently improving processes and people. Not only do we believe in bringing affordable and quality training courses to you, for each course you purchase and we also donate a course to someone in need.

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Logistics & Supply Chain Training

Hundreds of Courses and Training. Supply Chain & Logistics contribute billions of dollars to economies worldwide and involve specific skill-sets in multiple disciplines. If you are working in the Supply chain industry in any place, adding more relevant skills will not only add and strengthen your resume, it will increase your value in the organization.

Freight Broker Training

How To Become a Success Freight Broker?

This all-inclusive online course will provide a complete view of supply chain management and freight broker training. In addition, you will be prepared to work as a Freight Agent or start your own Freight Broker Operation. Our training course is designed for you to to learn the skills needed to be a successful freight broker.

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Becoming a Amazon Delivery Partner

The Truth and Nothing but The Truth, becoming a courier or delivery partner. If you’re new to the Delivery Business, or you’re looking for information on how to get started in courier delivery business, this training course will help you learn how to become an Amazon Delivery Partner.

Our Training Course will help you understand what the opportunity involves, earning as a delivery partner, and what you can do to reduce stress and increase the enjoyment of your work.

The Right Career

The NEW World of Freight Brokering

Freight and shipping in the USA is almost an $800 billion industry, and a freight broker plays a key role in managing the millions of loads transported each year. Freight brokerage services help connect truckers to consistent work while helping shippers get the best value getting their loads to their destinations. Being a freight broker can be a lucrative and flexible career built on connections and organizational skills.

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